Step 1. Call to make an appointment at 970.927.0661

Step 2. As part of your medical exam to determine if you qualify for medical marijuana treatments, you must print and fill out the following forms and bring them to your appointment.

History and Physical Forms

Renewal Form

Marijuana Registry Application Form

Caregiver Form

Physician's Certificate

Step 3. Medical records pertaining to your condition that are eligible for a Medical Marijuana can be faxed to Mark Dahlstrom, MD at (888) 884-0661. Please have the relevant records sent and not the entire record. Most physicians offices will not charge you for faxed records. If you have your records in hand bring them to your appointment. Include the  name and address of your doctors. You must bring a valid form of ID to prove Colorado residency. Click here.

Fax medical records to Mark Dahlstrom, MD at
(888) 884-0661

Medical Marijuana may be prescribed for:





Severe Nausea

Severe Pain


Muscle Spasms

To schedule an appointment, call 970.927.0661