If you suffer from debilitating illness such as cancer, arthritus, glucoma, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, you may qualify for legal medical marijuana to ease discomfort from illness or medications.

To qualify the law requires a thorough medical evaluation and a review of your existing medical records. You must provide proof of Colorado residency in the form of a current Colorado ID and have it with you at the time of the examination.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 970.927.0661 or email info@420exam.com

Please print out the forms on this website and fill them out prior to your appointment.

Please note that the only diagnosis' that qualify for the marijuana registry are: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, Cachexia, Severe Nasuea, Severe Pain, Seizures, and Muscle Spasms

(Insomnia, Depression and PTSD do not qualify)

for appointments call
(970) 927.0661

Medical Marijuana
may be prescribed for:





Severe Nausea

Severe Pain


Muscle Spasms
Mark Dahlstrom, MD
is the director of 420 Exam. Mark has been practicing emergency room medicine, family practice and skin care for over 25 years.